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27-02-2014, 8:41am
So my K5 managed to fall off of my tripod and hit hard cobble stones from about 1.5m :eek:
Seems the bracket wasn't quite in right.

It looks like the lens petal hood took the brunt of the damage (it's in about 4 pieces) and the lens and the body SEEM to be ok (there's just a small scratch on the corner of the body). I've noticed now, though, that in LiveView I can hear a noise from the inside of the body, which I assume is probably the SR motors? I'm not sure if this was happening before or if I'm just noticing it now because I'm paranoid, I've seen some people report the same noise from their K-x's out of the box on the in-tee-nets.

Are there any diagnostics I can perform on the K5 to check that everything is ok?

AF seems to work fine, images seem to be clear enough, did I dodge a bullet? Seems to be a rugged unit.

The lens is a Sigma 18-200 mm 3.5-6.3 DC and also looks to be OK so far, but I haven't done extensive tests yet. It doesn't rattle when I shake it at least! If anyone has any advice on some good tests I could do on this as well I'd be grateful.

Any advice would be very welcome!

27-02-2014, 10:10pm
Run a sensor clean, it uses the same system as the SR

28-02-2014, 3:56am
Would you expect an error if the sensor clean malfunctions? Since it's ultrasonic then there's no indication that it's doing anything other than the OSD. Nevertheless, last night it did show some dust particles and sensor cleaning at least moved them around.