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24-02-2014, 8:21pm
A noob question. I am using a canon 1100d with a reverse mounted lens for macro. The camera is in manual and I focus by moving forward and back. While snapping away without a flash there was no problem using the rear screen for focusing because I had to set the exposure more or less correctly. However, now that I have a manual flash to play with I can up the shutter speed but I can't focus because the screen is too dark. Is there a setting I can use to brighten up what I can see out the rear LCD regardless of shutter speed?

24-02-2014, 9:38pm
have you considered using a small torch etc, to light your subject?

I am not sure about Canon, but certainly Nikon has menu options to adjust brightness, contrast etc of the LCD screen. Maybe check your usermanual, the index might have an item for LCD screen etc that could assist.

24-02-2014, 10:05pm
Hi Bes

Check the user manual and see if there is a setting for “Exposure Simulation” in “Live View” Mode that can be changed so that a brighter image is displayed, rather than the image based on your manual ISO/Aperture/Shutter settings.



25-02-2014, 12:16am
Thx guys for the tips. I couldn't find the live view adjustment in the menu. I just downloaded and installed magic lantern and that has live view display gain up to 6EV, I had a quick play and I think that's exactly what I need. Thanks again.