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Mary Anne
14-02-2014, 6:07pm
Well I think it is MF it could be Multi Functions on my Olympus OM-D E-M1

I took the camera to Sea World last Thursday for its first try out and left it on Auto as I could not seem to grasp enough info in my head to put it on Manual which I only shoot with my Canon gear, took about 100 photos maybe more then I noticed the last three images were oof so I wrapped it up in a thick soft cap and put it in my handbag. Looking at them on the computer those last three looked terrible.. So I deleted all those photos and formatted the card.

Some how I have pushed a button or something I should not have. I rang Olympus and asked where I could buy the 165 page Instruction Manual for it like they can in the USA, lovely young Man said you dont have to buy one I will print one up and send it to you because I told him my age he said he would print it up on A4 pages, that's great I said though it wont fit into my handbag not to worry he said I will print you one up half that size as well and post them to you. Two separate parcels came on Tuesday, Thank You OLYMPUS and I have been reading those pages for a few days and I still cannot find what I have done wrong.. I have reset it a couple of time and that did not do anything either.

Going my the Instruction Manual everything is correct on the camera Monitor except where I put that Yellow Arrow it should not have MF there it should be S-AF I think ?
All my photos are oof now. So I hope some one can tell me how to get that MF off


Looking forward to some help and can you please Dumb it down if you know how to fix what ever I did wrong Thank You .. :scrtch:

14-02-2014, 6:10pm
Slide the focus ring on the lens back to go to auto Mary Anne
and don't be too annoyed, it has got a lot of people, myself included

14-02-2014, 6:13pm
Page 6 of the (or some) manual (I downloaded) seems to tell you how.

Mary Anne
14-02-2014, 6:20pm
David Thank You that does not get rid of the MF on the monitor and I have no Focus windows either.

AM where exactly is it on Page 6 which sends me to page 136 when I look at info.

14-02-2014, 6:29pm
ok, just checked, try pushing the ring out so the aperture values are covered

Mary Anne
14-02-2014, 6:51pm
Good One !! That fixed it.. Thank You so much David.. What a relief as I was ready to put it into the too hard basket and leave it there.. :confused013

- - - Updated - - -


So good to see that MF off it.. I have written all this down and now I can try and learn more so I can shoot Manual again.

14-02-2014, 6:56pm
This is the sort of stuff that makes owning AP worth it. Seeing members help each other like this.


Mary Anne
14-02-2014, 7:16pm
I agree Rick its the best Forum for getting Help :2encou:

14-02-2014, 7:17pm
Sorry M A. I was zipping off to the staion. It is Section 6 of this dicoment document (must stop typing in the gloom):
The page is 73, but after al that I hope you've got better info.

Mary Anne
14-02-2014, 7:23pm
Ok Thanks Am I looking at that page now..

23-07-2014, 11:52pm
Hi Mary Anne,
Suppose this may be a little to late now , but while looking at the rear screen on you E-M1 . I notice you had the "Face and Eye" priority is turned "on" this will cause the AF to hunt around for these features and not what you want it to focus on. I have had that problem the focus locked and beeped ,only to find it had found a face in the background perfectly in focus.
I have just been complied my manual by downloading and printing ,should have rung Olympus ah !

Mary Anne
24-07-2014, 4:25pm
Hello.. And even if it is a little late I appreciate you taking the time to look and reply, I will write that down as I am sure it will come in handy one day.
That camera went back and I got a brand new replacement even so I am always pushing buttons and things I should not be, though I am getting there.
Yes it pays to ring first, fancy printing all that there are so many pages, anyway it should come with the camera.

14-08-2014, 4:56pm
Im glad to see you got your EM1 sorted out Mary Anne, I have the older EM5 and like it so much I bought a second one.