View Full Version : Blast from the past - Pentax ME F advert

12-01-2014, 9:18am
Pentax MEF - the first SLR with Auto Focus | Teckler (http://www.teckler.com/en/sleepy/Pentax-MEF---the-first-DSLR-with-Auto-Focus-242327)


Those were the days!

12-01-2014, 10:24am
Ahhh, the mx. My first camera and I still have it. I had a 24mm lens and the camera could hide in the palm of my hand, taking pictures before anyone knew I had a camera. Our little group all had MX's and we fashioned ourselves on the f22 club. Our camera bags were army knapsack things with some phone rubber in them and we patrolled the streets of Melbourne. We used to set ourselves assignments and were not allowed to use anything but f22. We practised camera to eye, cocking focusing shooting like we had six guns. Those were the days indeed .... ::sigh::autofocus Pfttt. Who needed it.