View Full Version : Tas Christmas meetup, 8 Dec, Oatlands

20-11-2013, 6:35am
I'm putting this up for consideration. if anyone would like to attend please poke your lens up and I'll do some research on good places to meet and eat, or we could do a BBQ/picnic in a park.

Will be my first Christmas in Tasmania and I'd like to meet a few more island photographers. Visiting mainlanders welcome too.

20-11-2013, 6:49am
Good location Odille, with all the rain, the lake should be full, so some bird photography could be in order as well as all the other local stuff.

I should be able to make this one.

20-11-2013, 1:14pm
Thanks for suggesting, Odille!

I'll have to be a tentative. All my weekend time and nights are back on weeds with little photography time again until next year. Hope to make it though :)

22-11-2013, 6:38am
So, any members know a good spot for eating at Oatlands, pub bistro style or cafe? Does the Carrington Mill have food?

22-11-2013, 6:54am
I have heard the pub does good meals, but not been. From memory, the mill has a coffee shop so you can get a coffee and a scone etc. Let me ask around and see if any of my friends have stopped off there recently for a feed.

22-11-2013, 7:00am

29-11-2013, 6:20am
As Warwick is now working as Santa at Northgate 6 days a week until Christmas Oatlands has become impossible for me, and there doesn't seem to be much interest. I only have 1-3.30pm free now. Maybe we can make it a New Year meetup. :confused013

29-11-2013, 6:33am
I am happy for a New Year meet-up. So many things on in December, that I have already declined a few events.

04-12-2013, 6:34am
I'll look at a date. Gail (gabby) is visiting us from up north, so maybe while she is here would be good.

04-12-2013, 9:33pm
Hi Odille, sorry for not responding. I wasn't sure but it turns out I would not have been able to make it either.
In the New Year sounds good, hopefully I can make it then.

05-12-2013, 11:48am
This time of year's always difficult. I wasn't sure about losing another half a day of weed spraying time since I'm so far behind due to the weather.

I'll be on hols from just before Christmas through to 12/1 if anyone's free before then?