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Ms Monny
24-08-2013, 10:00am
Wow, what do you all think about this PASS System that David Jay had created??

Here are some quotes from Petapixels blog on the man and the system....

"For those unfamiliar with the PASS System, it’s a web viewing platform for event photography whereby the photographer uploads the photos to the system and then the images are immediately available to the client for using as they wish, including sharing on Facebook and other social media site. It’s all part of his Shoot and Share method that is supposedly the new way for photographers.

But it’s not just the basic PASS System and this Shoot and Share ethos that’s got me convinced that David Jay needs to be put out of business. It’s his latest venture, PASS Prints, as well as his accompanying philosophy that is just plain bad for photographers. David Jay has gone from being a nuisance to actively working to destroy the industry that spawned him.

With PASS Prints, clients can now order prints from images uploaded to the PASS System much like they can any other service. The catch lies in that prices are set by PASS at $1 for a 4×6, $2 for a 5×7 and $4 for an 8×12. In the FAQ section of the PASS Prints website, the question is posed, “Can I make money off of the prints?” The answer is “Yes” since the photographer makes 50% of the sale."

What is more interesting are the replies to this blog post. Very interesting indeed!!!

I have never shot a Wedding and I have never done a portrait shoot where I charged someone (but I recently did a shoot for a friend and her family), so I am not an expert on the matter BUT I feel you can cater to both parties....those who only want digital and those who want prints, and then I would put some mark-up on the prints. It would take time to get these prints, and I don't see why I should be doing that for free!

Love to hear what you think on this!!

Here is the link to the Petapixel blog post....


24-08-2013, 10:05am