View Full Version : Canberran's. Help required on location

25-07-2013, 1:58pm
We are heading down there for a short trip in September and I was hoping to get some early morning shots of the hot air balloons flying over a few national monuments. Does anyone know where they take off and what route they most often fly or float and where potentially good spots are to capture this?

25-07-2013, 3:27pm
It actually depends on the wind. I have gone on 2 Hot air balloons over Canberra and was taken to two different locations due to the wind direction.

25-07-2013, 4:26pm
i have shots of balloons over the lake taken in May and they were move east to west.
there is a company called 'balloons aloft', you can contact.
but as stated all depends on wind direction and wined speed

28-07-2013, 2:39am
Thanks I know they use different points to take off but was hoping they did so they could pretty much converge over the same sort of locations each time which may have lead to a spot where I had the most chance.