View Full Version : Landscape, architecture and birding buddies wanted.

Plays With Light
17-07-2013, 2:19pm
Howdy all,

I'm new in the forum here and pretty new to photography, having got my first camera in July of 2012. I started off with the Canon 1100D cause I wasn't quite sure whether I'd really like photography that much. I went to the 60D just after Christmas 2012 and have just sold it this Monday, going on to the 6D, which I have every intention of sticking with for a few years yet.

I live near Colonnades/Noarlunga down South of Adelaide and would love to get the opportunity to go shoot with others on a pretty regular basis.

My passions, photographically, are architecture, landscape, macro and birds/animals.

I don't drive, but am willing to contribute to petrol and shout a coffee or drink, something to eat maybe, etc... to compensate.

See you all around the forums.


17-07-2013, 2:29pm
I moved this to member meets. The state based info forums are for posting about events/exhibitions etc that are on, or asking where to find specific places of interest, not for arranging meets

Plays With Light
17-07-2013, 2:42pm
Sorry Rick.

17-07-2013, 3:30pm
Sorry Rick.

No apologies necessary, I'm sure. The point is to get your post the best possible exposure so you can catch up with those shooting buddies! It's always more fun when you can share your enthusiasm with like-minded photographers. Good luck! :th3: