View Full Version : Pentax K30 and replacement battery packs/AA battery holder

31-05-2013, 11:14am
Well, I've ordered a new K30 to replace my old K200, and am very excitedly (and impatiently) waiting for it to arrive!

In the meantime I've been looking into some accessories, namely batteries. I want to get at least one replacement battery pack, and was wondering if anyone recommends a particular non-Pentax brand to look for. I don't mind paying for an actual Pentax battery if I have to, but if there are quality alternatives at a better price, I'll not going to argue against saving some cash.

I'm also keen to get a AA battery holder as a backup option, as well. Has anyone had any experience using these? I haven't had much luck tracking them down, however I did find a generic-looking model from China on eBay for the exceptional price of seven bucks, including postage. Should I be looking for something a little less, erm, suspect, or is it safe enough to go with something like this?

Any advice is greatly appreciated, guys!

08-06-2013, 1:19am
I got some generic batteries + a AA holder included with a K5 battery grip I got on ebay. The generic batteries are usually alright but don't always have the lifespan of the branded ones. The good thing is that they're cheap enough to replace. I had some generics for my Pentax P&S camera that lasted several years.

Hope this is helpful!

15-06-2013, 5:43pm
I'm also keen to get a AA battery holder as a backup option,?

Any advice is greatly appreciated, guys!
I bought a Pentax AA battery holder as a back up when I purchased my K30 - Absolutely useless - I used new lithium batteries lasted about 10 shots before the warning light said "battery low " taking it back as I can purchase two (2) generic ion-lithium batteries for the price of the holder and I am getting around 500 shots from each charge.

21-06-2013, 8:37am
Thanks, both! I've had my K-30 for a couple of weeks now, and am still getting up to speed. I'll have a look into getting a spare battery pack, I think, and forego the AAs, at least for the time being...

07-08-2013, 5:19pm
Just following up on my original post on 15/6/13. I have since sought advice on the Pentax Forum and the general consensus was that "Chuck" the lithium AA batteries and get a set of 'Sanyo Eneloops', So I recharged a set of AA Energisers I had from my K100D - Works perfectly!!! now I've bought a couple of sets of Eneloops, and I'll keep the lithium for my flash!!