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30-05-2013, 11:16pm
I have tried unsuccessfully to download the exif free software via safari first, then chrome. In both cases I got the message that it could not be downloaded. The software I selected was listed as being suitable for apple iPads.

I would appreciate anyone's suggestions for how to download the software so that it works with the browsers when viewing images on the forum.

currently I have downloaded a free exif app but it doesn't load with the browser, so I cannot use this on the forum photos.
I have version 6 apple iPad.

looking forward to responses.

31-05-2013, 4:53am
Because iPads work on an App type basis, my research suggests that you cannot get addons that work within safari in general to work inside the ipad version of safari. basically you open an app, use it, close it and open another app. ipads do not have all the features and addons available to laptop and desktop computers. There are many discussions on the lack of being able to view EXIF on ipads from photos on the net. You can get apps to view EXIF from photos that are stored on the ipad though.

an ipad user might know more but the above is based on what I found out from Google searches

31-05-2013, 8:12am
What progress! :(

01-06-2013, 8:10am
Rick has pretty much covered it. The iPad is a great gadget, but it's a tablet not a laptop. It does tablet stuff really well, but once you start trying to customise it to work the way you want (instead of how Apple wants) you run into limitations.

However, there are some apps that will take data from Safari. If I open a PDF in Safari then I get an option to open it in a PDF reader app. I have a few that do that too, so it's possible that there is some EXIF reader app out there. I haven't seen one, but I haven't really been looking either. :)

01-06-2013, 9:10am
...The iPad is a great gadget, but it's a tablet not a laptop...

At least (!!??!!!) It might as well be a THNEED (equally as !!??!!!)