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17-05-2013, 12:50pm
Got my new ( old ) lens today ... Sigma 28-80 Macro , these were 35mm lenses ( full frame )
Wow snapped a few pictures , ill take some more , but he macro looks to work OK !
For $27 shipped , these lenses might be nice entry level macro lenses for anyone wanting to try macro ...
The Sigma 28-80 is a bargain bin lens ATM ...

17-05-2013, 1:38pm
I have a couple of these - with and without the macro.

The macro is not a true 1:1 reproduction and is only really a close focus.

They are, however remarkably sharp for what they are.

17-05-2013, 2:07pm
Yeah , me too , I have 3 lenses ( one with macro )

http://www.filedump.net/dumped/imgp41991368763488.jpg (http://www.filedump.net/index.php?pic=imgp41991368763488.jpg)

Cat , just a regular shot !

http://www.filedump.net/dumped/imgp42361368763488.jpg (http://www.filedump.net/index.php?pic=imgp42361368763488.jpg)

http://www.filedump.net/dumped/imgp42801368763488.jpg (http://www.filedump.net/index.php?pic=imgp42801368763488.jpg)

http://www.filedump.net/dumped/imgp43461368763488.jpg (http://www.filedump.net/index.php?pic=imgp43461368763488.jpg)

http://www.filedump.net/dumped/imgp43701368763488.jpg (http://www.filedump.net/index.php?pic=imgp43701368763488.jpg)

Some macro

17-05-2013, 2:17pm
again we cannot comment on yout photos cause they are not in a critique forum (http://www.ausphotography.net.au/forum/forumdisplay.php?5-CONSTRUCTIVE-CRITIQUE-Members-Photos).

17-05-2013, 2:23pm
We can talk about the lens ? cant we ...

Pictures are representative of the lens , for those who may never have used a Sigma Lens ( old Sigma Lens ) ..

Will give them an idea ...

I will see about posting a picture or two in the Macro section ..