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14-05-2013, 3:37pm
Looks like my little family might be visiting Adelaide to see family later in the year and want a few suggestions on what to see as all I know about it is it's the city of churches. Also if we can expand the trip for a few extra days what do people suggest going to see around the Adelaide area? Kangaroo island? Barossa? Not sure what else is down there. Our son will be about 12 months old then if there are things to see with little ones as well as landscape suggestions. Thanks for ideas.

14-05-2013, 6:00pm
Hi Warus depending what your interests are Re. from a tourist point of view & how long you are here for. If only 2 - 3 days then I would forget KI as you really need at least 2-3 days IMO.

For a day trip I would consider Barossa Valley (Allow about 2 Hours travelling to get there) around Tanunda, Anguston, look up a couple of wineries you would like to visit.

All the Best, Milton

Also Mclaren Vale & Victor Harbor, (No it Doesn't have a U in it as it was never a boat harbour well that's what my english teacher taught us in the 1960's.) about an hour to Mclaren Vale + an hour to Victa include a winery or two is easily a nice day trip. All these locations have great scenery while driving around mind you at that time of year we guarantee nothing re good weather for photography.

Depending on when you come, check out www.sawhalecentre.com they keep a log of what sightings are happening you never know you might see some.

As for local your can checkout around the city & Adelaide oval, then possibly down to maybe Henley Square for lunch ,then Brighton jetty for afternoon tea & Windy Point Lookout depending on weather if wet & miserable forget it. Also Waterfall Gully Morialta Falls are only 30-40 mins. from the CBD and can provide great opportunity for photos North Tce. has the Museum & Art Gallery next to each other great architecture. I hope that gives you a few ideas. Just allow for a slightly earlier start for Barossa & Victa to give yourself plenty of time for looking around. Keep an eye on the SA section of AP State Based Information in forums never know there might be something that you can join in on

For wildlife go to Clealand National park great for kids patting animals.

14-05-2013, 8:03pm
Thanks for the suggestions. I think we are looking to do about 10 days and maybe 5 in Adelaide in September or so. I have seen some great shots from kangaroo island of coastal rock structures which looked cool but wasn't sure how far it was or what else was there to see if it was worthwhile.

14-05-2013, 9:03pm
If you are wanting to go to KI & driving your own car over then checkout www.sealink.com.au Ferry Leaves @ about 6:am and probably need to allow about 2 hours to get down there depending on where you are staying plus check in & loading time otherwise there is a bus and tours that are available. A friend of mine went over by ferry I think he left about 4am but he's about 45mins the other side of Adelaide.
About $180 - $200's return with your car. Also check out RAA SA's Equivelant of RACQ if your a member of RACQ you may be eligable for special rates if booked through RAA or RACQ.

Yes the scenery is great every rock over there is over photograghed but if you get there have a go.

15-05-2013, 3:18am
Hey Warus, KI has some wonderful seascape opportunities, and wonderful lighthouses at Cape Willoughby, Cape Borda and Cape du Couedic. One can interact with the sea lions at Seal Bay, plus seals can be observed in the waters within the National Park which encompasses Cape du Couedic. If you're a bit of a foodie, they grow and produce some lovely cheese, meat and honey on the Island.

Getting to KI is via ferry from Cape Jervis, which is just around the corner from Victor Harbor, on the Fleurieu Peninsula, home to the great wineries of McLaren Vale (well great if you like reds). Economically, KI really is better if you take your own car - Sealink are the people to check out.

In Adelaide itself, the Adelaide Zoo is pretty good, quite a few modern, open range exhibits, and great for children, plus they do have the obligatory children's zoo - although I realise that your little tacker is only going to be 12mo - best to start them young :D Ditto for the Botanic Gardens.

A really nice outing is to take a Dolphin Cruise on the Port River at Port Adelaide. Not expensive, a very relaxing opportunity to see our Port River dolphins. The river itself is very estuarine, with some quite significant mangroves, all of it existing in a somewhat industrialised environment, on the way out to the 'mouth', which is very intriguing.

If you're going down to Victor Harbor, then I can recommend a trip to Goolwa, especially to the Barrages, which are at the mouth of the River Murray. Some great birdlife and a lot of Carp to be observed there. There's also some interesting vessels to be observed, as Goolwa is at the end of the historical supply chain of paddle steamers that used to ply their trade up and down the Murray river. If you like surfing or body boarding, then Middleton is a great place to go,but make sure that you check out the local knowledge about the safe places to do so.

Perhaps you could tell us what sort of recreational activities (which include photography) you are most interested in, I could suggest other ideas (or send me a PM if you wish), cheers Deb