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13-05-2013, 5:58pm

I thought to go to sunshine coast on sunday since I have free tickets In the weekends, have done some research on google maps and Point Cartwright seems like a good place to do some seascape ( sunset ). So my question Is how Is It to get there since I have to take the train from Brisbane, have tried searching on translink but but didnt find any buses that goes there or close to It.
I dont mind walking for an hour to get there ( Did walk from Burleigh Heads to Currumbin Alley yesterday ), so anyone know what bus that will get me close to there ?

It will be my first time In Sunshine Coast so I hope Im not geting lost there :) ..

Or If you have any location let me know !

13-05-2013, 7:29pm
looks like noosa heads Is an option, found bus all the way to the beach there.

13-05-2013, 7:38pm
I think you will find lots of photo opportunities in Noosa. Have a good time.

14-05-2013, 1:36pm
Sounds good Rodbam, thank you! will post some pictures If I go.

Steve Axford
14-05-2013, 1:40pm
Try the national park, which should be easy to get to. You can walk out to the point from there (I think it's called Hells Gates). Nice spot.

15-05-2013, 10:04am
^thanks for the tip!

15-05-2013, 10:55pm
G'day Tom,

Translink / Sunbus Times Table (http://translink.com.au/resources/travel-information/network-information/timetables/100628-616,617,618.pdf)

Hells Gates is a dangerous spot, so dont get too close to the edge as the cliff falls away under the ledge. Tea tree bay and granite bay can be quite nice (well the last time I was there was 30 yrs ago), depending on time of day and tide and wave directions.

To get to Point Cartwright, the buses dont actually go down there (I've not seen them down that way) but they do take the bus route that is about 3km from there, and if you walk along the river to the point, its not a bad walk. However, to try get some landscapes of point cartwright, the rock area is quite flat and almost featureless, except for the rocky outcrop above (has a lighthouse). The yacht club is not far away from the boat ramp (along the river walk) and there are normally lots there.

Hope it helps.