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John Witte
04-04-2013, 8:10am
I have a fujifilm s3400 and not able to transfer HD video from camera to system. The file creates on my computer and it is empty when I try to veiw it???

04-04-2013, 8:13am
John. How do you "transfer" (using what program) it from camera, and to what "system"?
Also, what video format is it?

Answers to self: OK, it's AVI, so anything should show it.

Another Q: Have you tried a "copy and paste" from your memory card to the computer?

John Witte
04-04-2013, 8:18am
A direct transfer from camera to my computer. Photos taken transfer fine and without any problems. Currently using windows XP

04-04-2013, 8:26am
OK, so is that copy and paste, or through some software from camera installation disc?
Also John, can you "play" it while it is still in the camera?
I mean, does the camera play it back OK, and also, can you see and play it from your computer while it is still in the camera?

John Witte
04-04-2013, 11:10am
Thank you for your help. After play from camara via computer, it can be transfered while it is still in the compters RAM

18-04-2013, 12:38pm
...... The file creates on my computer and it is empty when I try to veiw it???

What exactly does this mean?

Is the file there, but has no file size.

If the file is on the PC, how large is it(usually measured in Mb or 000's of Kb).

Because WinXP is an old operating system, there is usually no codec on the PC that can play modern movie files by default.

That is, Windows Explorer doesn't understand what the video file type is.

You either may need a codec for the video type, or better still a program that can do the video playing for you.
My favourite software for this is VLC Media Player (http://www.videolan.org/vlc/)
I've yet to find a video file type that it can't play .. and is quick on an old system.

If the problem is that the file is created on the PC, but has no file size or data .. then it's getting corrupted, or data is being dropped during the transfer.

How large is the file on the camera, and if there is a file size listed, how large is it on the PC?

John Witte
07-05-2013, 8:21am
There is an icon in my folder and sile size is 0 kb. Will try copy and paste...