View Full Version : Printing a photobook... advice on upload methods

13-03-2013, 5:01pm
I create an annual photobook (for grandparents etc). I am working on the 2012 book. I have previously just had jpegs and used the BigW online printing. I only switched to using RAW at the end of 2012, so most of the photos are jpegs already.

I want to start using a higher quality printer, so that the albums last a lot longer. I also want to start taking the time to properly PP all the photos before they go into the photobook. (Using lightroom).

I have decided to try Snapfish this year, it has a very similiar upload system to the BigW. I upload all of my photos and then play around with layouts.

Now for my question:
I have read about using lightroom to create the photobook, and then export each page as a jpeg, which can then be uploaded to Snapfish. I like this method because it would be much more efficient and save me heaps of time.

However would this create quality issues? I am concerned that the Jpegs that I upload won't be of good enough quality.

13-03-2013, 6:31pm
it depends on the quality of your photos etc and the settings you use to save the page as a JPG.