View Full Version : Festival of History - Old Reynella - 9-10th March 2013

08-03-2013, 4:40pm
If anyone likes all things military and wants some great photos of re-enactments and static displays then this weekend (tomorrow) there is a big festival in Old Reynella between 10am to 4pm Sat & Sun. There will be a major military parade, mock battles featuring Napoleonic and medieval soldiers as well as WWI & II. For details go to http://www.festivalofhistory.com.au.

I will be spending the morning there as I live close by. Hope to get some interesting shots.

10-03-2013, 6:52pm
I heard about this on the ABC (something to do with getting permission to 'fix bayonets' :rolleyes:). Sounds really interesting, I do hope you post some photos, cheers Deb

19-04-2013, 3:30pm
Hi Deb,
Only just seen your reply, sorry. The day was not as good as advertised. Very disorganised and I think the extreme heat finished off any possible success. I didn't get as many shots as I hoped. However one shot is posted on AP. I won the beginners Monochrome with it so you can see it on the comp forum or the home page as it scrolls through all winners for the year. It was the smoking canon which I shot while the canon was firing. Just missed by nano secs the actual explosion but near enough.
Regards, Helen