View Full Version : Pentax 18- 135m Lens

15-02-2013, 6:17pm
Any on using the 18-135mm lens ? I like to know your thoughts

15-02-2013, 7:09pm
I personally don't but I've only heard good things.

16-02-2013, 7:10pm
I personally don't but I've only heard good things.

Ditto; but I've also heard the Sigma and Tamron versions are worth checking out too.
The Sigma seems to rate on par with the Pentax, but has the benefit of extra 'reach'.

20-02-2013, 5:40am
I have a Sigma 18-125 and it is a great lens.

02-03-2013, 12:16am
I'm using the 18-135mm as the begining kit to my K-5
Personally, I find it a bit heavy and it has a bit of CA , but that's about it for me.
Different people will think different things based on their need of the lens.
It's a great all-rounder and walking around lens if you dont mind the weight. It's very versatile, very sharp wide open till you get to around 100-135mm, and it has WR.
If you haven't got an alternative all-rounder tele lens, I would definately suggest this one.

That said, if you want faster/sharper shooting and can afford it, it might be worth investing in some (limited) primes.