View Full Version : What would recommend as the best low cost entry DSLR and why?

14-02-2013, 9:23pm
Hi guys,

I am not exactly new to photography (although not very good) but I recently gave my old Pentax K100 Super plus lenses, filters, yongnuo flashes etc. to a more worthy cause - my lovely daughter who is undertaking a graphic art qualification.

I bought a Panasonic Lumix TZ-30 and, while it has many good qualities as a travel zoom, I miss the things that one could do with a proper DSLR. What are your thoughts on the best value buy for a DSLR + Kit Lens (18-55 mm) for example?

The Nikon D5100 seems a likely target.

14-02-2013, 9:36pm
If you enjoyed the Pentax; you could stick with Pentax. (Yes I see the irony of me saying while I'm in the process of switching from Pentax to Nikon :) )
The K30 offers good bang for buck; as it's simply a shrunk down K-5.

As for your D5100; I've heard nothing but good things. And now that the 5200 is out; can be had for a good price.
In saying that tho; if the budget can stretch to the 5200 however - it could be worth a look in. On paper at least it's pushing the D7000 from a spec point of view and recent IQ tests put it on par with the Pentax K-5 (the previous leader in DxO tests for APS-C cameras).
However budget wise the 5100 > 5200 is quite a leap.

After all that; yes - the 5100 would be my pick of the 'just above entry level' cameras.
Another too look at is the 650D (yes, I'm suggesting a Canon :p ). If its anything like its predecessor 550D it should be a great camera (I played with one for a day and loved it - for what it is).

14-02-2013, 9:37pm
The best low cost one is the one you buy and use. Really!

All the major brands offer damn good offerings at the entry level end of the market and there is not a bad apple amongst them. So trying to find the 'best' is really just going to bring out people saying their brand is the best, for no real valid reason.

So go try them out and pick the one that suits you.

14-02-2013, 9:39pm
After speaking with the wife and thinking sensibly, maybe I should restrict the choice to Pentax so that I can reuse the lenses if the daughter falls out of love with the camera. thanks love.

Mark L
14-02-2013, 9:44pm
Go into a shop and see how some cameras feel in your hands. I found some of them just to small for my hands.

14-02-2013, 10:07pm
Go into a shop and see how some cameras feel in your hands. I found some of them just to small for my hands.

Thats actually a good point; especially with the K30 as there is not battery grip option for it to get around this :(
Perhaps try and get a K-5 Classic on run-out somewhere?

02-03-2013, 10:32am
I purchased a Canon 550D for my first camera i picked it up for $600 with twin lenses.
It is a really good camera, especially for a beginner. In saying that, it all comes down to the person whos taking the photo.

But thats a really good starting point, the 650D 60D aren't better in image quality as such but will focus faster and have a better fps rate.