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15-11-2012, 12:43pm
Hi All, My friend is visiting us from overseas and he will be travelling to Tasmania in Early December. He loves his photography and has asked me if i can assist him with scouting some locations where he can take some photographs of landscapes and sea scape. He has sent on one of the link as an example. He wanted to know where that location was as well.

As i have never been to tasmania i difficult for me to say much. I was hoping if someone can assist me here. Basically he will be spending 2 days and 3 nights in Coles Bay. He will be driving from Hobart to Coles bay. Finally, he will drive from Coles bay to Launceston where he will spend one night and two days. Thank you all guys for your help.


15-11-2012, 7:10pm
Unfortunately he is missing the best part of the East Coast, should be staying north of Coles Bay at St Helen's instead.....10 minutes from Binalong Bay and the Bay of Fires (sensational photography opportunities and voted second best beach in the world)
The Peron Sand Dunes are another 10 minutes drive out of town and only 20 minutes north east are two of the states best waterfalls Halls Falls and the Saint Columbia Falls.......may be worth considering changing itinerary to include the area.

15-11-2012, 7:16pm
This is Tasmania, the entire east coast is filled with beaches, rugged coastline, secluded bays. From Orford to Eddystone point there are a myriad of opportunities. Just drive for five or tens minutes and something photographic will come into view

21-11-2012, 2:01pm
Thanks Guys. Just one more question. if he wants to climb Mt Amos to take some snaps, is it practical to take his Tripod? Or can one get away without a tripod?

21-11-2012, 9:03pm
If climbing Mt Amos it would depend on time of day/night. You do not need the stability of a tripod during the day as faster shutter speeds are normal. Though if they intend to go up before dawn or into the evening and want to get long exposure shots, then a tripod or using a stable rock at the top will be required.

22-11-2012, 8:18am
Thanks Rick

old dog
22-11-2012, 9:01am
also Lillydale is very interesting too. Carvings in the trees...on the main road. It is between the NE coast and Launceston.