View Full Version : Coming to Tassie 3-15 November

26-10-2012, 5:39pm
When I got my part time job I had to give up ont he idea of the eclipse trip I'd planned. the person I foudn to travel with took over my bopoking and made a new contact to travel with. Then 2 weeks ago the boss finalised his trip overseas - yep, you guessed it, I could have gone after all! However, I can't afford it on my own. so wghen i told mny suster I had 4 weeks enforced no pay holiday she arranged one for them and I get to go donw at her expense to mind the house and go roudn and check on Mum twice a day.

So I will have 12 days down there, I'll be free for morning and veneing shoots (I check Mum about 11 to majke sure she's up and ready for lunch and about 4pm to feed the cat). I plan to do a couple fo dawn and dusk visits to the spot overlooking Bushy park and am hoping for another great result, and also lost of oast house research, visits and shots.

So if anyone would like to meet me for a meetup, post here or send me a PM with your mobile number and I'll SMS mine to you.