View Full Version : Tough Kx

06-10-2012, 7:32pm
I was out shooting at Soldiers Beach on the NSW Central Coast a few weeks ago. After an average morning shoot I decided to try some surf action. So I headed up the rocks to the pathway and just as I got up the last rock my Kx fell out of the camera bag and hit the rock from a 1.2m height onto it's top left corner. The flash was poped up, the battey cover was open and the batteries were out... BUGGER. I picked up the bits and checked it over... Batteries in and cover closed, flash pushed down and then poped back up, noticed the flash button was being pressed down from the damaged housing, fixed button, flash back down, power on, LCD screen working. Ok so now can it work in live view, yes. Great so now focus and take a pic, close focus working, distant focus working. So now I have a Kx with electrical tape holding the top corner together, but it still works. I just won't take it to too many wet locations where there is a chance of it getting wet as I can now see inside the top left corner.