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25-09-2012, 6:50pm
Havent used the feature at all on the D7000 - am going to try it out. Does it matter what lens you use?


25-09-2012, 7:00pm
Hi John,

In a word No the video recording is just an extension to the photographic ability of the camera. If you want to take video of things far away you might get better results from a telephoto lens. If you want a wider field of view you might use a wide angle lens like the 16-85. In fact the 16-85 DX lens is the one lens I love on my D7000 it gives me a great range and it is sharp.

Kind Regards

25-09-2012, 7:16pm
Thanks Livio - I have a 17-55 DX lens that may fit the bill ok by the sound of it.