View Full Version : 3 minute tutorial : Soft Glow look

Dylan & Marianne
12-09-2012, 7:50am
I had some time over the last few days to put together another photoshop tutorial
Let me know what you think - I use this to some degree in most images to achieve a softer look to an image and to take away the harshness which sharpening can sometimes give an image.


13-09-2012, 3:19pm
Good. Just what I was looking for: sharpening with hi-pass filter and layers.
Ta, Am.

Ed to add, Dylan. Could you post up the result, maybe with some qualification about how you exaggerated some of the steps for illustration?

13-09-2012, 3:50pm
very informative and useful. Thanks for sharing this with us Dylan.

Dylan & Marianne
13-09-2012, 4:07pm
Thanks mongo and am - I'll post the image once I get home tonight !

Mary Anne
17-09-2012, 2:57pm
Very Interesting so much to learn with Landscapes pp.. Thanks for taking the time Dylan..:th3:

17-09-2012, 11:09pm
Thanks Dylan, I haven't had much chance to look at your latest tutorials but seeing this I know what I have been missing. :th3: I have to add, your calm voice is great in teaching mode as it is very easy listening. Thanks. I'll try to catch up on the others when I have time. :)

Dylan & Marianne
18-09-2012, 7:44am
thanks Allie and Mary Anne! - I get a fair bit of practice in my real work trying to keep calm lol

old dog
18-09-2012, 9:50am
I had a go at it on one of my images and it`s pretty easy to do and I liked the result so thanks Dylan.

Dylan & Marianne
18-09-2012, 10:47am
no worries graeme ! glad it worked out :)

07-11-2012, 2:06pm
Thanks for that. I like your tutorial, it is nice and easy to follow.
I've tried it quickly and the effect is nice (although I need to spend a bit more time playing around, I think)

05-12-2013, 11:47pm
Thanks Dylan,

I've been messing around with soft glow for last couple of weeks but you've helped fill in some spaces :)

05-12-2013, 11:55pm
Good information. Thanks

21-05-2015, 5:27pm
Great Info, I only recently ventured into this photoshop section and I'm finding it very helpful.

Dylan & Marianne
21-05-2015, 10:01pm
oh hey, I have to update this one day lol