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11-09-2012, 12:47pm
hey guys

well i just paid for my trip to tassie:D i will be there from the 31/10 till the 10/11 and my partner and myself are coming over on the spirit of tasmania with our own car.

my itinary is as follows with a list of photo locations i have in mind. please feel free to help me add to these locations
i mainly want to photography landscapes/waterfalls if my partner allows me to :o probably wont get in as much photography time as i hope.

and any other suggestions of things to do that would be great as i will have to keep her happy:p

4 nights cradel mountain lodge
- dove lake
- the hut

1 night Tidal Waters Resort St Helens
- Binalong bay - bay of fires

1 night Peppers York Cove Georgetown
- no photo locations as of yet

2 Nights at the Sebel Launceston
- no photo locations as of yet

2 Nights at the VDL Stanley
- no photo locations as of yet

12-09-2012, 9:19pm
Hey Harper,

Let me know when your staying in St Helen's, my business is only 100m or so down the road from the resort.
There are a couple of nice waterfalls not too far away as well, one of them is only a 10 minute walk from where you have to park and along the way there is a lovely cheese factory/cafe the wife will love, they do a killer plough mans lunch and warm milkshake.
Feel free to drop in for a chat while your here.


13-09-2012, 7:22am
cheers mate that sounds like a plan:D

which waterfalls are they by the way?

13-09-2012, 8:11am
The Saint Columbia falls and Halls Falls......Halls is a little bit of a hike into the scrub but not too bad

13-09-2012, 8:58am
awesome looking falls. could possibly meet up and check them out?

im staying there on the 4th november

21-09-2012, 11:30am
Thanks for the info harper! I'm looking at making the trip down early next year and would be hiring a car while I'm down there too.
After you get back, would love to hear feedback and some locations you visited.