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01-09-2012, 8:04pm
I need some help from the browser savy people out there.

my issue is Google chrome and IE 9 aren't showing the images the same as my calibrated monitor when using a programs such as PS5 or even just the window photo viewer ..once uploaded to either my flicker or my smugmug account the viewed at either of those sites or linked images in AP...the photo takes on a new WB...much warmer etc....any ideas would be good..as for once I've drawn a blank using google for my answer


to show you what I mean..Id did a screen capture while viewing the uploaded image at smugmug using google chrome...and displaying it on my monitor using windows photo and fax viewer

its quite a difference is it not ?..makes me wonder if people viewing images from other members even on a calibrated display are way off too ...and you don't see the real image unless you download it to your PC


01-09-2012, 8:31pm
what colourspace are your uploads?

Most browsers are colourspace aware these days, but I wonder if you are using say AdobeRGB and then its being displayed in sRGB on the web

01-09-2012, 8:41pm
Use sRGB for all web publishing
Also: http://www.binaryturf.com/enable-color-management-google-chrome/

01-09-2012, 8:48pm
im not sure Rick....where would I be able to find that information......all I can tell you is that three programs { capture one, CS5 and windows photo viewer} all display the image the same on my monitor .. that's all I can tell you right now...my monitor has been calibrated using Xrite colormunki


Ive seen that site..have done the properties of the google chrome exe...but i cant see how to enable the monitor profile ?

01-09-2012, 9:52pm
ok... sorted

Kym , the link you provided did the trick in the end...I just had to figure out how to append the target with "enable-monitor-profile" ....

Rick...I sussed out the colour space of the Jpegs..and it was sRGB.....

I wonder how many other members are in the same boat as I was ?..certainly makes CC difficult when colour tones are being discussed


heres a screen grab of Google chrome and windows photo viewer displaying the same image...much much better methinks