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30-08-2012, 8:56am
Hey all! I am very new to this site (as in haven't even learnt how to upload photos yet!) but one of the main reasons I signed up was that I was hoping to meet some likeminded photographers in Byron Bay. There are so many beautiful places I want to photograph in and around Byron such as Broken head beach at sunrise but that means a little walk through the forest in the dark - not so keen on my own as a lone female! But with a photography buddy or two and a head torch, I would be happy as larry! I'm also reasonably new to photography ( 18 months) and so far all self taught, so I would love the opportunity to learn from others!

If you know of any local meets or you are in a similar position to myself and would like to meet up, please let me know! Also if you know of any camera clubs or good day courses in the area I would love to hear of them!

Many thanks!

Steve Axford
30-08-2012, 9:35am
Hi Leanne. I live near Booyong which is about 25mins from Byron. I know there's a photo club in Lismore and another in Ballina, but none in Byron as far as I am aware. What attracts you to Broken Head beach? I go down the 7 mile beach road at times and there are some interesting coves down there (though the gay beach is a bit weird at times) and it's great down past Lennox if there's a storm. I also like the Tallow Creek Inlet near the Byron Bay High School, but there are lots of great places around here. Beach photos can be good at dawn if there is a stormy sky, but they are a bit boring if the weather is too fine.

30-08-2012, 10:17am
I don't know if it is called broken head beach - i think I mean the gay one! Very pretty cove - wish there wasn't nudists walking around some of the time but mostly I have been lucky that when i have walked there with my camera it has been totally deserted! Obviously I wouldn't take photos if it wasn't!! Are there more coves along that road I don't know of? Ive walked along that road to top corner of 7 mile beach which is very pretty too - I'd imagine with the correct lighting the rocks there would look amazing! But I didn't see any other coves along the way!


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By the way have you been to either camera club? Any good? I live in Byron so Ballina is probably closest but then I work in Lismore!

30-08-2012, 10:19am
hi Leanne, I'm at Tweed, don't get down to Byron much, but have recently been doing some research about the coves and bays around Broken Head and particularly Cocked Head Rocks just near the caravan park at Broken Head headland. As Steve mentioned I have stumbled across some rather odd pages while surfing the net about that area and I think your wise not to venture there alone in the dark. I plan to visit some time soon, in daylight, to get the lay of the land. I'll PM you if and when I make a time and date for my visit, maybe we could meet and look together.

30-08-2012, 10:24am
That sounds good! please do!
I still haven't worked out how to get my links to come up as pictures on the forum but if you click on the link above, that is the beach I am talking about! Is that the ones you mean or different?

30-08-2012, 10:35am
:lol2: @ David , No worse than going to the Spit :D I'll keep an eye on this thread to see what you come up with, There's always the Lighthouse :eek: It's only an hours drive down there now is'nt it ?

30-08-2012, 10:46am
Steve by the way, some of your photos look familiar - I don't suppose you have a wife who works at Lismore Base hospital do you? One of the nurses was showing me some fantastic photos her husband took and i'm sure she said his name was Steve... Is that you?

Steve Axford
30-08-2012, 2:54pm
Not me. :)
If you want to post images, run your cursor along the icons just above the post frame. It's the insert image icon.

30-08-2012, 3:26pm
posting photos. Click LIBRARY on the main menu, then Click HOW DO I, for a range of instructiions on the basics of how to do stuff on the site