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21-08-2012, 10:05pm
The Graffiti in Hosier Lane has been really good and artistic when I looked in the past,
but I went for a walk around Melbourne CBD tonight went to Hosier lane where Graffiti
is allowed and it was not as good as its been!

There is some construction in the laneway, but the better work has been tagged !!!!

I appreciate and like the artistic Graffiti and its allowed Hosier laneway, but tagging!!

It just looks crap as far as I am concerned! Someone has basically signed a wall, I don't give a
?#$$ about someones signature

There were some comments about not tagging the Graffiti but some people are just !!!!!!!
Didn't work it seems

22-08-2012, 8:27am
I have to agree. I really like some of the creative images people do with graffiti, but can't understand why people have to be Aholes and tag over them, especially with multiples of the same tag.

Last I checked Finlay Ln still had some nice work that hadn't been tagged over

22-08-2012, 6:23pm

I'll give Finley Lane a look next time, not even sure I have been there before

24-08-2012, 7:33am
That is so disappointing to hear....I am just about to jump on a plane this morning and fly to Melbourne and am staying right near Hosier Lane and was hoping to get some photos. I'll have to check out Finley Lane.:)

24-08-2012, 2:22pm
I was there a couple of months ago and thought it was awesome! I too did notice the tags, but I just thought it was a part of the charm/allure of the place.

You may have seen my pano of the lane in the Ausphotography newsletter? :D

18-02-2013, 11:00pm
I have to agree here, scribble is not art. Graffiti in the right place is very artistic. Should also check Duckboard lane and ACDC lane.

This one is still there.


Or this one up duckboard lane

23-03-2013, 8:46pm
wow. gotta check out these streets one of these days. I haven't really roamed the laneways of Melbourne much to be honest! That acdc lane one is quite.. amazing!

25-03-2013, 12:06pm

Big colourful artwork tags I'm ok with, as they're colourful and (in my personal opinion) have artistic merit. But simple tags, I find them unappealing and messy. Especially when done over the top of somebody elses artwork or in any other place!

A couple of years ago I took one of my old cars in to Hosier lane for photos. We were lucky at the time it was basically empty! Only a few people wondering through (who also took it upon them to photograph my car there too LOL).

I really like that lane way!

I was in Melbourne a month ago picking up my new car and drove by to go back there, but there was construction going on and big crowds of people :(


30-06-2013, 10:18am
The joker above has now been replaced, such a pity but that is graffiti for you. Wished it had have been something decent though.:tog:

02-07-2013, 8:25am
You might also like to check out Rone's handiwork around Melbourne. He does the large female faces, largely around the CBD and inner city areas.

The attached image is from Collingwood - just across the road from Camera Clinic in Easey Street.


03-07-2013, 8:05pm
Sorry but I cannot see any image