View Full Version : Araluen Botanical Park meet up

13-08-2012, 1:07pm
Hello all Perth Ausphoto members,

The tulips have started to flower at Araluen Botanical Park, so I thought I’d throw it out there for a photo shoot meet up.

Is there anyone keen to meet up in the morning of Friday 31st August? I’m told that will be a pretty good time.


15-08-2012, 12:08pm
Can see your logic (Re PM) I should be there, will confirm the the Wife, that she can get the kids to school on the morning. What time frame did you have in mind mate?

15-08-2012, 2:46pm
Roosta, gates open at 9am. I reckon try and get there around then before the sun gets too high. That leaves us to take a few shots during the morning and then maybe head to the Elizabethan Tavern for a beer and countery for lunch.
I'll speak with Jeff and see if he is on the same page.

16-08-2012, 12:46pm
Sounds like a plan - I should have that time free and would love to be involved.

Here's a photo of Araluen from around the same time last year - let's hope it isn't as wet this time.


27-08-2012, 12:12am
With this week's POTW theme of Plants/Fungi this is an added incentive to visit Araluen.

Any other interested members?

27-08-2012, 4:05pm
Well it looks like there are a few of us keen.
How about we make it 9am in the top carpark (Rose Garden Carpark)? The ticket office won't open until 9.30am, so we'll have to use the honesty box. Its $4 each, so bring some change.
See you there. I'll be in an orange Holden ute.

28-08-2012, 4:29pm
Wont be there all, sorry for the late notice. Hope the rain stays away for you.

I've had to stay on at work, my cross shift has snatched it. Typical.

31-08-2012, 5:06pm
Haha, just saw this thread and then saw the date...:o

Hope you had a shoot!