View Full Version : Needing a firm that can do large prints and frames

01-08-2012, 5:31pm
I have some jobs coming up soon, and need someone who can print me good quality prints around 36" X 24" and frame them for a reasonable price, and deliver them within a week.

I looked at one of the site sponsors The Frameshop, and was wondering if anyone had used them, and if so, what their quality etc was like.
Their prices seem reasonable and they seem to have a lot of happy customers for their framing, but I'm unsure as to their printing quality.

Are there any other companies in Sydney that you would recommend?

01-08-2012, 9:38pm
Try Ken Duncan's lab Created for Life (http://www.createdforlife.com.au/)

They do outstanding prints!

01-08-2012, 9:49pm
Frameshop make frames, but do not do printing. Their frames and Mats are extremely well made. I have used them several times.

Have a talk to Thomas at www.filmstreet.com.au, he has just joined up as a sponsor of our Photo of the Week and should be able to help you out.

Film Street
05-08-2012, 6:54pm
around 36" X 24"

At present not for those sizes. Up to 10x15in at the moment.