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24-07-2012, 2:36pm

I am looking at investing more time in photography I currently have a D7000 which to be honest about I'm not that impressed with it. It does have some issues in back-focus but to be fair Nikon says to take the machine in to them and I'm sure it can be fixed. Previous to that I've had a selection of manual focus SLR's with film and they have been great. The D80 also works well in the taking photo category. I am looking at buying a professional grade camera. Unfortunately for me I have already invested in a fair few Nikon lenses ranging from a 50mm 1.4, 14-24 f2.8 wide angle, 70-200 f2.8 VR2 zoom, 28-70 zoom, 70-300 zoom 16-85 zoom etc. The lenses are good and sharp as. I do a lot of band photography and low light stuff and I'm finding that I'm doing more and more sports and action shoots. I'm finding that the D7000 is okay but not quite there. I have read the marketing reviews and I'm ready to go the next step. I don't want a D800 because of the size and I want speed. If there are any of you who have the D4 I'm asking your opinions should I go with that or the D3S which I also believe is a very good camera. I think where I want to head with the equipment is to have equipment that gives me options to do different stuff quickly and not have to worry about the technical aspects of the photo so I can concentrate more on the composition and getting great results.

Any advise would be great.

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24-07-2012, 9:47pm

Any advise would be great.

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Stick with the 7000 and save your money.

25-07-2012, 12:21am
I seriously tossed up the D4 when it was announced. I have had a D3, D700 for the past couple of years, and ended up with the D3s and D800. It has been reported, I believe even DXO testing shows (I didn't confirm personally) the low light performance (ISO noise) is better from the D3s than the D4. Either way, from all of the samples I have seen, and what I have read from others who have played with the D4, there is very little difference between it and the D3s, and certainly all but no difference at usable ISO levels.

Speed, well 1fps advantage to the D4, and a slightly snappier focusing system, but we are talking milliseconds, and neither are slouches at acquiring focus in low light, but the D4 is a little better with the new focus/meter system.
The D3s uses 2x CF cards, the D4 has the new Sony XQD x1 and CFx1 so if you only want one card type the D3s wins here. Video is much improved in the D4, but the D3s still does 720p well enough.

I'm not tight when it comes to buying gear, in fact I spend way more than I need to, but for my $2000 (which is about the difference in price between the D3s/D4) the small advantages offered by the D4 given I don't really shoot video at a serious level are nowhere near worth the investment when the D3s is so damn good.
The D7000 is quite a good consumer level body, it works well for what it is, but it isn't a D3s or a D4. Unless you have to have the very latest or you have to have full HD1080P video at 30fps, I suggest buy a D3s and put the $2k you save towards a 200/2VR for the low light band photography you do.

Oh, and I can hardly see why you feel it is unfortunate you have heavily invested in Nikkor glass, it is every bit as good as any other manufacturers glass, and in some cases better, so unless you want to jump ship to Canon et el, there is no downside to your investment.

25-07-2012, 12:37am
Maybe wait a little longer for the D400 !
I am...

the price vs features vs form factor combinations for the 3/4/700/800 models dont quite do it for me at this stage

25-07-2012, 8:22am

............ I don't want a D800 because of the size and I want speed.


Of course I don't have the D4 and I'm probably further away from getting one as anybody else in the world, but the quoted text doesn't really make sense(if I'm reading it right!)

If you don't want the D800 because of the size, then why would you want the D4?

I'm reading this par in that you don't want the D800 because the camera is too large :confused013
If that's correct then the D4 is only going to be worse.

Or is that supposed to be meant as camera file size is too large or something?

I wouldn't worry about file sizes .. at some point in the future you will eventually update your computer anyhow and life will feel normal once again.

price difference between a D800 and D4 is $2500 which, as already been said, is a significant lens selection!!
..... 85/1.4 comes to mind as a gap in the lineup!!

For sports tho the D4 will have some very compelling arguments for it in terms of speed!
But then again the D800 has some counter arguments for it in terms of resolution and the ability to crop more (if that's how you operate).

If I were into the sports thing, I'd go with the D4 .. you still have your D7000 for that extra reach at high Mp capture too if need be.

D4 and a new lens ... eg. 300/2.8(for use on the D7000) would be ideal :D

25-07-2012, 8:27am
if Higher ISO is the issue or better focusing..perhaps look at a D700..a much more cost efficient option

if cost is no issue..get a D4

if cost does have some relevance..but isn't the main issue..then Wayne option might be the go ..

25-07-2012, 9:43am
Go a second hand d3 or d3s, great value out there

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25-07-2012, 2:46pm
Thanks Arthur,

I was meaning camera file size at around 55M for each photo it will very quickly get to around 2GB or more for a photo shoot. The D4 is about the same size as my D7000 at 16MP but it has way better focus ability in low light. I think it is going to be about even for low light between the D3S and D4 as the D4 picture is slightly larger than than the D3S. There is no doubt that as my work in the studio gets more then I will get a D800 for now I'm leaning to towards the D4. Your advise and logical argument has helped me make my final decision so I say thanks.

Kind Regards