View Full Version : North-West Tasmania Photo Location Suggestions ?

22-07-2012, 10:23am
Hey peeps,

Im heading down to Tasmania on 1st of August for a week to explore ! I've wanted to Photograph Cradle Mountain for a while now so that is one of the locations on my trail :-)

Going to hire a car and would love to hear some suggestions on great photo opportunities in the north-west/western part of Tasmania. There are so so many, and I've already found a few through stuckonearth. Seems to be that you can stand on the spot, spin around and around and head in the direction you stop and you will find something amazing.

Thanks Luke

22-07-2012, 10:30am
Just some advice. Some roads to the best locations in Tas are gravel. Often hire car contracts do not allow the vehicles to be driven on gravel roads. Check with your hire car company, before signing on the dotted line.


Stanley (and The Nut)
Liffey Falls
Cradle Mountain
Eddystone point Lighthouse (if you are going to cover all the north)
The Gorge (Launceston)
Narawntapu : http://www.parks.tas.gov.au/?base=3665
Rocky Cape: http://www.parks.tas.gov.au/?base=3698

22-07-2012, 4:55pm
Arthur river