View Full Version : NNSW / SEQ - AUG 02 or 30 Moonrise/full moonlight beach shots

11-07-2012, 6:03am
I have been thinking I would like to do this for a while. And there is a Blue Moon in August!

What do people think would be the best of the north coast beaches? One with some sort of detail in the foreground (headland, island, pier) would be nice. Fingal and Cabarita come instantly to mind but i have not seen the moon rise at either of them and am not sure direction wise, and Fingal has significant light pollution from the north. Does anyone know?

Other suggestions gratefully received. I know it is cold out at night at the moment but once DST starts it will mean being out very late for this one. We could do it either sdei of the actual full moon to, so from 1-3 (M/Tu?W) or 30 August - 01Sept (Th/F/Sat) would work.