View Full Version : video with 150-500mm and nikon d7000 useful info

29-05-2012, 11:42am
I have not been interested in using the video capability of this camera after an initial trial at the beach where the lens i was using searched for focus and made a horrible noise.
I have been using my sigma 150 -500 lens for birds and the birds in my yard come quite close to feed. I have found that if I lock the lens at 150 and have the camera on or off a tripod I can get lovely short vids of the birds action.
locked at 150 it becomes a very useful video set up. It is possible to trim the video etc in camera too. now I just need to get the videos onto a dvd with some photos to make a good tv display

30-05-2012, 4:27pm
Not only lock the zoom Vera, Unless the lens keeps a constant aperture while zooming, Also you only have manual focus , Shoot in manual and give it f11 and shutter speed at least if not more than double the Frames /Sec , Auto ISO if you have it for a start