View Full Version : Pretty places to photograph?

24-05-2012, 7:37pm
Does anyone know of any pretty places around the Geelong/surf coast area that would be good for photographing kids and families?

27-05-2012, 5:45pm
Are you taking clients to a location to photograph or do you want to do 'street photography' of random kids and families?
I'm not from Geelong but I know that Eastern beach would be a great place for street tog in the summer. Not so great this time of year. If you're taking client portraits anywhere along the eastern beach/steampacket gardens or botanic gardens. You might need to check for rules for photography in the botanic gardens though.

27-05-2012, 9:34pm
I guess it really depends on the type of shots you are after and what your definition of pretty is... do you prefer the beach, bush, formal gardens etc. It would make it easier to give suggestions if people know what you are doing.

30-05-2012, 3:01pm
I'll be taking clients there for shoots.

Any kind of interesting spot would be good, I don't mind beach, bush OR gardens!

31-05-2012, 3:15pm
Geelong has a fair bit to offer, photographically speaking (or I'd still live there ;) )
You could try:
Botanic gardens
Eastern Beach
Johnstone Park
Cunningham Pier etc
Further out - Dog rocks, any of the beaches, Steiglitz historic park etc

The list if parks are fairly extensive and quite a few have rotundas in them.

Also, there are many old heritage buildings, wineries and blue stone bridges like Fyansford/Batesford but you'd need to organise permission from the appropriate authorities first. Some of the National Heritage buildings such as Barwon Grange are availble to hire for weddings and functions but are also available for photography only - there is still an hourly fee attached (around $100 p/hr).

I think in reality you are only limited by imagination (and the horrid southern weather :D )

31-05-2012, 3:35pm
Thanks :) I'm in Ocean Grove, so not that far away but really don't know Geelong at all!

01-06-2012, 11:10pm
Thanks :) I'm in Ocean Grove, so not that far away but really don't know Geelong at all!

In that case ... you don't even have to leave home for pretty places ;) I used to live in Barwon Heads many years ago :D

02-06-2012, 12:11am
Jodie's summed up some great options, there's heaps of nice spots down Eastern beach way, thought it would be good to pick a time when there are less people about as it's a popular spot. The botanic gardens is really nice, though I'm not sure about rules on photography - I know you need a permit for wedding photography there. If you're in Ocean Grove, how about just along the beach?

02-06-2012, 10:54am
Also ... if you are familiar with Red Bubble site on the web, they have a member group named "Geelong Throng", you could try asking in their forums or surfing through their pages of images - bound to be some inspiration there too.

11-03-2013, 12:07pm
I had an interesting photo session just by parking at Queenscliff early in the morning, taking a few photos there then catching the ferry across to Sorrento, had a good lunch at Sorrento more photos then back to Queenscliff via the ferry where I managed to take the photos that I missed on the way over, all in all a very good day