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27-04-2012, 2:42pm
Hi All,

I just wanted to post this useful tutorial for using video.

It is for Nikon (D300/s) but I am pretty sure you could adapt it for any DSLR.


I use this now for all my video and it has really helped.....

I never wanted the video feature of my DLSR but find I use it quite a lot now.

This was my first DLSR video......i have found that editing time is what is the problem! I don't have enough for my photos!



I @ M
27-04-2012, 6:41pm
Very interesting. :th3:
I have never felt the need for video in a dslr but now that SWMBO now owns a camera wit it built in things could change.

Re your youtube video, did you use a tilt shift lens or software to make all those Hyundais look sort of squished up? :D

24-08-2012, 9:09pm
Just read that, I shoot with Canon 7D and I find that very helpful and informative

Thanks for sharing

25-08-2012, 8:34pm
If your shooting video with a Canon DSLR check out a guy named "Philip Bloom" he has plenty of tutorials on how to set them up for optimum video shooting, with the right settings and lens they are sensational for HD video work