View Full Version : Cheap Chips : Up to 50% off till April 29th

20-04-2012, 6:31pm
Need a new memory card (or 3), perhaps a USB 3 card reader, or one of the fun GoPro range of cameras

Cheap Chips have discounted some of their best brands by up to 40% for April and now, between 5.00pm 20th April until Sunday 29th April, they are taking a further 10% off. Get your Verbatim, Sandisk, Lexar, Transcend memory cards and more, at great prices

http://i248.photobucket.com/albums/gg175/snoopytas/advertising/cheapchips.gif (http://www.cheapchips.com.au/?ref=1157)

Why not take a look!

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www.cheapchips.com.au (http://www.cheapchips.com.au/?ref=1157)

20-04-2012, 11:10pm
Thanks Rick

23-04-2012, 1:37pm
just ordered a 16GB CF :) thanks Rick and Cheap Chips :)