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26-03-2012, 9:45pm
Whats with the Join today, Start 19 threads out of 24 posts (The other 5 are in answer of his own threads)
What happened to the 5 to 1 ratio? (Giving 5 critiques to 1 own thread)

Not happy Jan.......:action:

26-03-2012, 10:53pm
This happens from time to time. I noticed it as well. I was going to wait and give them the benefit of the doubt for a day or so, then send a PM.

Mark L
26-03-2012, 11:19pm
Better to be enthusiastic than post an intro and then disappear. Maybe. The fullness of time. I better go and cc or post an image. :)

26-03-2012, 11:52pm
Hopefully its just new member enthusiasm. :th3:

BTW The suggested ratio is 2 or 3 CC for each of your own threads. :D

Actually, I've been slack on the CC, but that's partly due to a lot of hours on the site admin :cool:

Mark L
27-03-2012, 11:39pm
Fair is fair. How are they going now Geoff? :D:ps:

28-03-2012, 7:24am
Sorry Guys..
Tired and grumpy the other night. Been a hard couple of weeks.
Usually when I view the site, I'll look down the right side of the forum, then add some CC (make some comment anyway) to some of the started threads. As most members proberly do.

Anyway... I posted some images myself. First time at have a go at this particular genre. And was hoping for some replys. I came back an hour later, and my thread had gone from the top to near the bottom of the "New Thread" pane. I flicked through them, and found most were an one image thread, mostly on the one genre. Which I don't agree with, but alot of members do it, new and old. And also looked at other members threads, and noticed not many of them had comments either.
I looked at this guys profile, and seen he had joined that day, started 19 threads, and only commented on his own thread 6 times. making that 25 posts. A lot of members do it, new members and some of the older members as well. Treating the site as their own personal photo album/scrapbook.

I joined the site nearly 2 years ago so that I could learn the art of photography. I am slowly doing that, by viewing other images, listening to other members comments and trying to apply what I have picked up to my own experience. And I have met some great people along the way. I didn't join to have somewhere to put my images to share with others, I use flickr for that. I came here to learn.

I just wish that other members would do the same. And treat the site as somewhere to learn.

Well... Thats my rant... Off to work I go :(

29-03-2012, 7:01pm
Britinoz? Don't think I've ever seen any CC.??? (Ooops just seen one) Wouldn't mind if he put then all in one thread.

29-03-2012, 7:52pm
Geoff, Sort of like someone that loads a thread with 12 Large images without a warning :D