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26-03-2012, 9:18pm
A quick heads-up for anyone interested....
Kurrawa Beach hosts the SLS National Championships this week, culminating over next weekend (30 March - 1 April 2012)
Plenty of colour and action in the surf and on the sand.
An iconic Aussie event well worth a visit.

27-03-2012, 12:18pm
without being accredited as a press photographer or a registered SLSC club photographer you wont get with in Cooee of the competitors area. They really crack down hard on cameras at this event in the past. They issue coloured vests to press guys and club photographers. Each SLSC club is only allowed 1 registered club photographer.

You might want to check the R and R before organizing a meet and snap day.


28-03-2012, 8:04pm
Thanks for info Stu.
There were no issues for me on my last visit but I am unable to attend this year.
I am informed by a competitor that there were a large number of "happy snappers with all sorts of lenses" on the beach today (Wed.)
He also informed that due to the loss of a teenage competitor today, ironically in the board rescue event, the entire remainder of the carnival may be cancelled.

29-03-2012, 12:43pm
I dont know why they hold the comp on that beach, Its the most dangerous beach on the coast :confused013Any way they just found the 14yr old today :( Sad loss

30-03-2012, 8:32pm
I dont know why they hold the comp on that beach, Its the most dangerous beach on the coast
I understand that Kurrawa has a 6/10 danger rating - about the same as Bondi.
The main problem is that it is a double break with a sand bank 50-100 metres off the beach.
In poor conditions the place can be a washing machine, take a look at the photos in the media of the conditions the searchers were working in.
Years ago the Nats were held at a different venue annually and was rotated between the states.
Currently SLSA has a commercial arrangement with Qld. tourism dept. and the Nats will be staged at Kurrawa for another few years.
Its a good location for a beer and a bed, being a tourist trap, but this arrangement severely disadvantages competitors from the south and west.