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24-03-2012, 1:43pm

I am planning to get this kit from Photog, http://protog.com.au/2m-light-stand-36-umbrella-diffuser-flash-mount-kit-p-161.html and just wondering how the quality is for a beginner.

I am getting a YongNuo 468-II to use it with. Also be getting YongNuo RF603 too.

Is that all that I need for a beginner in the Strobist adventure?


I @ M
24-03-2012, 2:03pm
Is that all that I need for a beginner in the Strobist adventure?

No, you will need more money, creating your own light can be addictive. :D

Ok, sorry, back to the original question.

That set up will make a very good way to start off camera flash experiments. Economical way to go and many people are very happy with the Yongnuo gear.

24-03-2012, 2:15pm
You scared me for a second there! Hahax, yeh have to start slowly.

I will be taking a break from work for a while after this month so experimenting new skill and equipment can be exciting.

So that setup is good for the time being right?

I @ M
24-03-2012, 3:09pm
So that setup is good for the time being right?

Yep, that will be a good start. From a single light and simple diffuser such as the brolly you can add more lights, stands and light modifiers such as softboxes, reflective brollys and beauty dishes as you want.

Getting the flash away from the camera is the first place to start and you have many many ways to direct the light on to the subject with just that one light.

24-03-2012, 6:13pm
Thanks for the advise!

Time to go to eBay to search for the cheapest YongNuo 468! :lol:

24-03-2012, 9:32pm
I started with one flash YN 468 infact and the RF602, I now have 5 flash units, plus 4 stands, 2 large and 4 small softboxes, 2 umbrellas ...... The great thing is Yong Nuo stuff is SO CHEAP you can afford to have much more of it. I must say I have been happy with the quality and results.

Worst part is my wife and I share an ebay account so hiding my purchases is not easy! ;)

24-03-2012, 11:31pm
I actually found out that the price of one 468 can get me two 460.. With me only using them in manual mode for normal strobist setup, saving the money and get 460 seems to be more economical, isn't it?

25-03-2012, 3:33am
Yes it is, I purchased the 468 to use on camera with ettl. If you're looking purely off camera, I would go for the 460 or the 460-II which has a stronger output and only about $5-$10 more per unit.

25-03-2012, 3:36pm
Thanks a lot!

Yes, I only need it to play with strobist setup! :D

27-03-2012, 8:20pm
Ordered a pair of YongNuo RF-603 and one YongNuo 460-II!! :D

27-03-2012, 9:10pm
Enjoy the addiction lol

23-01-2013, 9:35pm
I am also planning to get my first studio kit and came across this thread.
the kit mentioned in the OP is still available, however there are other ones and I am unsure which to get.

A few kits are softbox umbrella (rather than shoot thru), other differ from stand height and flash holder.
I guess my question is does it make a big difference getting a 36, 40, 43'' umbrella size?
I am planning to use it for portraits and food
My off camera flash is the 430 EX II