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22-03-2012, 5:58pm
Hi All - I would be visiting Gympie during the Easter break staying at Gympie Golf Retreat (15 Shields Street Gympie) from the 6th to 8th of April. Wondering if there’s any good spot to shoot landscape. Think it's 40 min from Noosa so could be there for a sunrise shoot but anywhere in Gympie would be ideal.

Happy to organise a early morning photo shoot meet up as well if there's any good place that people might know of. Also is this place any good for star trails?

Mary Anne
24-03-2012, 3:22pm
Hello DJ.. Heading towards Harvey Bay last year after leaving Gympie we found this delightful place to have our lunch, its Chatsworth Park on the Bruce Highway about 5km north of Gympie on the left side, if you are wanting water views you will get them there I think there were two lots of water, not sure if they are Lagoons or lakes, there were also Geese walking around and friendly enough, worth the short drive if you are interested..

24-03-2012, 5:24pm
G'day DJ,

A couple of years ago, I bought a car from some people who lived about 20 minutes west of Gympie at a place called Widgee. Actually they were a little further west of there, but they were in the base of the Iron Range there and the location is very rugged and picturesque. With all the rain over the past few months,the place would be very green and quite clean of dust.

Also back in January on our way back from central QLD, passing through Gympie, the lagoon just north of gympie had maybe 1000 egrets nesting, and at the time the lagoon was flooding (probably like it would be now) they were all feeding in a frenzy in the flowing waters on the edge of the lagoon along with herons and other birds (we just didnt have time available to stop to take advantage of the sight).

Also out that way is Kilkevan, it's also in among the ranges and is primarily cattle country, with the odd ostrich farm.

I've been wanting to go out Widgee way to do some photography, but havent got back there yet, and we've arranged to go up to MT Walsh NP and Auburn River NP for the easter w/e, otherwise I would have been happy to do the shoot.

Hope you have a great w/e and get lots of great shots.


25-03-2012, 9:45pm
G'day DJ,

I was also thinking about other locations around there that might be worth a look (even if just on google maps satellite view for recon), the Imbil dam is also a pretty good spot, and there are a few parks along the river there. On the down side, it's a fairly popular location for those who want to take advanatage of the long w/e, on the up side, the dam there is a favourite spot for waterskiers, and powerboats, so you might even get a few actions shots.

Also if you look at the maps out towards, tin can bay/rainbow beach, there might be something there, such as the headlands at rainbow, and also the tall sand dunes, on the sand dunes, hang gliders like using it as a launch pad so you could get something there.

Hope these options help.