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21-03-2012, 7:38pm
Hi all.

After some discussions with the Qld meet group we are looking for interest in an Armidale Autumn meet, to be hosted by ourselves. Armidale is ideally situated being about half way between Sydney and Brisbane and whilst it is a bit of a drive the autumn colour is well and truly worth the visit.

We had a small meet 2 years ago and people seemed to enjoy the photography opportunities that Armidale offers in Autumn.

We live on 5 acres, so have heaps of room for tents and vans (whilst we only have one bathroom this should not cause any great problems). Alternatively there is heaps of motel and caravan accomodation in town. We have a large undercover BBQ area for meals and entertainment.

Whilst Autumn colour is difficult to judge exactly our thoughts are the weekend of 21st & 22nd April should be quite good and much later the leaves usually have fallen.

Below are a couple of links from previous Autumns to give an idea of the type of opportunities available and a link to the Qld thread.

Please register your interest in a meet and we look forward to meeting anyone that can attend.





Lesley Bray
21-03-2012, 10:42pm
I am interested in this - thank you - will be watching this thread.

23-03-2012, 9:17am
A very tentative maybe from me Di, depends if I can scratch up the fuel money by then. Had a great time last trip and would love to see you again.

If anyone would like a ride with me in the van, if you are willing to contribute $45 to diesel costs (half for a trip this length) let me know. There is room to sleep in the marquee I put up behind the van, Pic below of the van setup - you would need a sleeping bag and some sort of elevation from the ground as it will be cold by April. I sleep in the van so you would not be too crowded in there.

If anyone is interested just PM or email me.

86922 86923

24-03-2012, 7:54pm
Leslie, we hope to meet you next month
Odille, I hope you can make it, I know fuel is expensive, so the idea of sharing fuel is a good one if it works out.
Wayne & Di

26-03-2012, 7:40pm
Hi all, just bumping this in case people mussed it

Lesley Bray
27-03-2012, 1:21pm
Thanks Di ... I was hoping for more interest.

29-03-2012, 10:04pm
I'm keen Odille...I'll speak with you about it soon.

03-04-2012, 8:01am
Dubbo for me that weekend. Bugger !

Passed through Armidale at this time last year and the colors looked great.

Next year ?