View Full Version : WA 4 Squared Challenge

20-03-2012, 12:18am
Hi All,

I thought I would put a challenge forward to enthusiastic Landscape Photographers.

Here it is: 4 photographers use 4 Sundays (or agreed days) to travel up to 4 hours to 4 different locations in WA.

This would be an excellent way to visit several interesting locations in reach of Perth and with luck take some excellent shots and lean a great deal at the same time.

I'm hoping for a consistent team of four (including me :th3:) for this event.

Given winter and late Autumn is a great time to shoot I am thinking about a May to June period.

20-03-2012, 4:06pm
Mate, would have loved to be involved, but working away puts pay to every second weekend. Maybe post this in the WA Forum, if you haven't already..

20-03-2012, 4:46pm
Definitely a great idea but I'm going to be away from May to November. I'd love to do something like this, though. :)

21-03-2012, 2:01pm
Great idea, but I am limited due to annoying small people that call me "mum".....
The WA meets have gone quiet mind, so we should try and organise something.