View Full Version : Ausphotography will be OFF-LINE tonight (16/03/2012) to fix the server issues

16-03-2012, 5:44pm
Ausphotography will be off-line from 8.30PM AEDT tonight

(Friday 16th March 2012) to resolve our server issues.

The anticipated outage will be between 1-2 hours.

See you on the dark side

16-03-2012, 8:40pm
This message will be left on the old server so you can get fast access to the new server.

Don't do this until after 8.30pm AEDT tonight


AP has moved to a new server, you are on the old server.
Either wait a couple of hours for your DNS to update with the new address or
you can manually redirect to the new server by editing your hosts file.

Manual re-direct instructions:
Please add this line to your hosts file... www.ausphotography.net.au

You should remove that line after 2 days.

Here is a Windows 7 howto edit your hosts file. (http://helpdeskgeek.com/windows-7/windows-7-hosts-file/)


16-03-2012, 10:06pm
We are back!

17-03-2012, 7:36am
Well done... Quick as a flash this morning.. :D :efelant:

17-03-2012, 9:45am
:th3: Yep no troubles up here either , Well done guys :)

17-03-2012, 10:07am
There have been a couple of minor issues that have been fixed.
(eg. comp system uploads failed)