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28-02-2012, 12:36pm
A Story For Tomorrow is the title of the video a guy named Dana Saint and his girlfriend Nina choose to show their 5 week trip to Chile. I share it with you not only because it shows some beautiful places or because its very carefully edited but because it is definitely inspiring. Thanks Dana for this wonderful portrait of my homeland.

Dana´s words:
This video was written and produced while traveling through Chile & Patagonia with my girlfriend. We spent 5 weeks exploring this amazing country, and this is how we chose to document it. Thanks so much for checking it out.


Here you can read an interview to Dana regarding his Chile trip:

Mods: The author is a pro video producer (Gnarly Bay Productions from Rode Island, USA) but don´t think its advertise, also I included the original link for everyone to see...If its against the rules let me know so I can erase it

old dog
29-02-2012, 5:01pm
thanks for that vwonderful little trip to your part of the world. It`s now on the bucket list.