View Full Version : Graffitied Wall in Ipswich or Brisbane

23-02-2012, 11:12pm
Hi All!

I was hoping to get some location tips :)

I am planning a funky/grungy hair stylist photo shoot for a salon, and for this shoot I require a suitable wall with some awesome graffiti on it, preferably located in the ipswich or brisbane area....

Hope someone can help me!!! :D

26-02-2012, 9:53am
I shot this in Yamanto, west of Ipswich on the left heading out, on the Ipswich Boonah road. If you head towards Ipswich from the Cunningham highway, just before the road heads up the hill, on the right it is in a clear area as you can see. Good access and open space, shot late in the day in November, not sure if it is still there.


05-03-2012, 4:43pm
Ill see if I can find that one thanks! I did find one at bundamba!

25-04-2012, 3:40pm
Not sure if you are still looking, but you could try around Salisbury/Rocklea. Heaps there! Salisbury Wrecking has a lonnnnng fence full of graffiti.