View Full Version : NIKON FG 35mm SLR

23-02-2012, 12:26pm
I picked up a Nikon FG for my collection and it was working well. For some reason the winder has jammed, the mirror has locked up and it won't fire - any tips for fixing it?



23-02-2012, 9:21pm
Why not take it to a local camera repair centre and get them to give it a overall service, that way you will know everything is working well

23-02-2012, 9:54pm
Have you checked the batteries ?
What mode is the camera on ? Does the shutter stay open as well ?

This happened to mine a few times, but can't remember why (I haven't used my FG+MD-14 for more than 6 years now !).

24-02-2012, 9:21am
Thanks for your tips. Someone fired the camera in "B" and then reset the shutter dial.
When I placed it back on "B" it fixed its self.
There is a place on Redcliffe (QLD) that I might get to give it the once over.