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23-02-2012, 11:22am
Hi All,

Hopefully I've put this into the correct section, if not, please feel free to move.

Im planning a day trip down to Minamurra Rainforest in a few weeks. If I remember correctly AP organised an event down there last year? I just wanted to ask what areas I should be going to and what are the main attractions down in the rainforest? Is the track there pretty easy (as there will be a few babies coming along)?

23-02-2012, 4:45pm
I've done Minamurra a couple of times, I love it there! The track is pretty good, quite steep at the top so be prepared for a few rest stops with the little ones. Just don't make the mistake I made the first time I went, I accidentally left the tripod in the car and didn't realize until we reached the falls :(

23-02-2012, 9:19pm
I just came back from there today.

I took my 3 yr old and he was ok till the climb up to the falls. It is very Steep but the end result is worth it.
We had to leave as the park was closing but will be going back there soon

29-02-2012, 9:13am
Thanks for all the feedback guys.

With the rainfall we received recently, I'm hoping for the streams and waterfall to liven up when we are there.

I've purchased a child carrier (backpack style), hoping to test that out before we head over to NZ in April/May for some more hiking.

29-02-2012, 4:24pm
Did the shoot last year bit of a steep hike at times. nice spot though

01-03-2012, 9:22pm
Plenty of water there today
the whole southern highlands was drowing

02-03-2012, 8:44am
Yes, I'm starting to get a little concerned with the volume of water being dumped into that region. I was planning on heading there is Sunday, should I reconsider?

02-03-2012, 11:17am
No don't reconsider. Do it whilst there is plenty of water flowing it makes it even more spectacular

02-03-2012, 1:13pm
Yeh just looked at the BOM and although its gonna rain, we're in a rainforest anyway ... most of the rain should be caught by the trees anyway

09-04-2012, 9:41am
I'm heading there on friday with the kids so Í'll give an update for those planning to go soon.