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22-02-2012, 8:41pm
Hi All
I am doing the Story Bridge photography climb tomorrow afternoon/night and wondering if anyone had any tips on shooting in low light. You are only allowed to take camera and attached lens. Given the time of day it will be getting dark and I have only taken photos in very low light once and that was with a tripod.
I will be taking canon 7D and 17-40mm f/4 L lens, any suggestions.


Mark L
22-02-2012, 9:40pm
Don't be afraid to use higher ISOs. Look for something to rest your camera on (defacto tripod).
Hopefully others will have more detailed suggestions.

William W
23-02-2012, 11:48am
To Brace the Camera to shoot at a slow Tv.

Assuming you are not allowed to bring loose items (like abean bag) - wear a loose fitting, thick bulky jumper or thick tracksuit top.
If your neck-strap is not long enough to secure the camera around your neck for this procedure, then secure the camera around you leftwrist, with at least two turns of the neck-strap

Pull the left arm out of the left sleeve of the garment and bring the left hand up though the waist of the garment. (If Tracksuit top withfront zipper - leave zipper closed).
Use the left arm of the garment as your soft base, for the Camera Support – fold it twice and support camera on a ridged surface or a corner, ensuring the garment is the spongy base and / or side support.
Brace the camera with the left hand gripping it above the Pentaprism and use a downward (and if necessary sideways) force.
Use the right hand to release the shutter.
Use Mirror Up selection on your camera (remember to make two shutter depressions).

With good technique this method is suitable to pull acceptable shots to Tv = 1 second and longer.

Also I suggest exposure bracketing : ±1 stop would be a good idea.

(Incidentally, this is one shooting scenario where the EF-S 17 to55F/2.8 IS lens is very useful on an EF-S mount camera)


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