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21-02-2012, 2:22am
So I stumbled across a store that actually had the NEX 7 in stock. They also had a the Zeiss 24mm. So I've taken the plunge.

My initial thoughts;

EVF is not as good as SLR - although I'm getting use to it.
Both the camera and the lens are outstanding build quality.
Auto focus on video is COOL ... although I suspect everyone will be doing that this year.
The panorama modes are neat, but I can get better results from photoshop.
IQ is probably not as high as I would like but at this stage I'm blaming the monkey behind the lens.
It is small and REALLY packs a punch.. amazing stats for its' size.

I'm really looking forward to more E mount lenses being relaxed this year. I may also invest in the the A mount adapter as the range of specific lenses, ie. telephoto is much better.

I'll get some pics up when I'm happy with them.

21-02-2012, 7:42am
Hope we get to see some of these photos in the upcoming days

Ian Brewster
21-02-2012, 9:57am
This camera is my Wish List, so looking forward to results! (not sure what you mean about EVF not being as good as the Canon - could you enlarge please?)


Ian Brewster
21-02-2012, 6:16pm
Sorry Outcast,

I wasn't acting dumb about the EVF - I was just dumb! I thought EV must relate to Exposure Value, but of course it is Electronic Viewfinder!

Ian :confused013

21-02-2012, 8:01pm
Hi outcast,
Thanks for the quick report. I'm also one who's very intrigued by the NEX-7 and had a quickplay chance recently.
IMO the camera grips surprisingly well (contrary to some reports) and balances fine with the kit lens.
I've also used a friend's NEX-5 and 18-200 but that combo is quite front heavy.

I also agree with you the EVF was fine but wasn't a revelation that some reviews make it out to be. My previous reference was a GH2 EVF which is already supposedly good so that might be the reason for my opinion. Compared to a small OVF I might actually choose the EVF but it's still a fair way from a higher end large OVF.

Let us know how it goes over the coming weeks of use :)

28-02-2012, 2:58pm
Hi Outcast,
I'd also be interested in seeing pics from the NEX 7. I love my DSLR but increasing age and decreasing strength have me looking for something more practical in weight to carry around on a more regular basis. It would also be nice to have something smaller to take to a party but would give a better image quality than a normal point and shoot or a camera in a mobile. I always feel a bit self conscious shoving my DSLR into someone's face when everyone else is taking pics with phones and credit card sized cameras :)