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20-02-2012, 7:44pm
Expanding on the title, so much to learn yet so little time at the moment due to much happening in my life. I have recently got the Canon 60D with kit lenses to learn with and the plan is to follow the Lesson plans on this site. However World Superbikes is on next weekend ( Currently I'm 10 minutes from the track ) so I will obviously be taking the camera along.

Off course I'd like to take quality type photos but for now I'm a little flustered on the best approach where I can experiment a little yet have a reasonable number of keepers from the 3 days. Any hints / tips would be greatly appreciated.

20-02-2012, 8:09pm
Firstly, check the entry t&c, you will likely find there are restrictions on what camera gear you can take along and also what you can do with the photos. Often it is noted that photos are for 'private use only' or similar, which means you cannot post them onto forums.

Now onto how to. Take your gear out into your street and practice your panning skills.

20-02-2012, 9:24pm
Yes I checked with them today Rick, anything greater than 300mm is unacceptable for getting private images. Safe there, only going to take the 250mm. Wont be posting photos online, solely for my own collection. Did think about going out to the road but not sure what people would say about some goon with a camera pointed at them. ( not too many options on P.I )

20-02-2012, 9:37pm
Use AI servo focusing mode on the motorbikes. You could practise a few shots on cars on the street. It might be worth practising a few panning shots (using slow shutter speed and tracking object), before going to the track. It is harder than it looks :D

Mark L
21-02-2012, 9:05pm
Use continuous shooting. Take heaps of photos (do you need another SD card or two?). Recharge battery each night. Devote the next weekend to finding your keepers.:) Good luck.

27-02-2012, 1:10pm
Well I took all the above advice and learnt a fair bit over the three days. Had a quick skim through so far and can definitely see the improvements as the weekend went on,a good amount of keepers. Just blows me away at how quick time passes when reviewing the photos, wife isn't happy lol.
Thanks for the tips.